Our Services

Enrol Australian Colleges

We will help students enroll in their favorite courses at our participating Australian Colleges. Not only students who is new to start the study in Australia, we are also happy to help students who are already studying in Australia but changed their mind and wish to choose a new course. As well as students who have completed the current study and ready to move forward or start a new course for their proposed career path.


Career Advices

We will provide information, advice and guidance to help our clients make decisions on further training and work.


Start a career is important for everyone after graduation. We are keen to help on all factors about finding a right job and make you better in the roll to getting hired. We will help you on

  • Recommend available job positions
  • Prepare CV
  • Skills check
  • Prepare your interview
  • Further training


We can offer our clients professional services from reliable licenced migration agents. All services about your migration application including

  • Provide advice and design the study or career pathway
  • Advice about preparation of skill assessment, documents, insurance etc.
  • Lodge visa applications and assist the applicant to prepare further supporting documents
  • Handling immigration inquiries
  • Advice and assistance for citizenship test(if requested)

Multicultural Events

We would like to build a platform that provides opportunities for Australians and Chinese people to come together and experience different cultural traditions in arts expos, festivals or maybe just a riverside BBQ. We aims to strengthen relationships between two Countries and increase participation in culture and academic exchange, business, tourism, investment and more.


Airport Pickup

Our airport pickup service is free for new arrival students and migrants. The service will pick you up from the international terminal and take you to your accommodation strait away.


Please note the service is booking essential. All bookings will receive an confirmation email, if you do not receive the email within 3 working days, please contact us immediately. All amendments and cancellations must be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to your departure.


Service Charges:

New Arrivals: FREE

Other: $30/Person



Whether you’re looking to check in a hotel or set up a shared house, we can always help you to arrange the accommodation in Sydney.


Once you enrolled in our study package or program as a student, our friendly staff will contact you to discuss the accommodation options. We will set up the accommodation before your arrival, so you can move in “on-the-fly”.


*The Accommodation arrangement is currently available in Sydney ONLY, pre-payment for accommodation is required.

Smooth Start Orientation

It is always hard for someone settling in a new environment with new language, people and everything different from usual. Our new arrival orientation is designed to solve all problems that new international students and migrants may have, it will including but not limited to


  • Banking
  • Transportation
  • Enrollment
  • Work permission
  • Police and safety
  • Medical needs
  • Shopping
  • Etc.